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Christmas In Paris

Saturday 6th May (that’s tomorrow) sees the release of the third in my series of Romance and Adventure novels, Christmas In Paris. If you know my work at all, you’d be forgiven for growing a little confused sometimes over which

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In the compilation, Dark Visions, there is a story by Stephen King entitled Sneakers. Recording studio engineer John Tell notices a pair of dirty sneakers in the adjacent stall whenever he uses the men’s washroom. As the week progresses he

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Jonathan Franzen: e-books are damaging society

I’ve been thinking about this for a little while now. No, not that ebooks are damaging society (Oh the horror, I must throw my Kindle away right now and transcribe my novels onto parchment using quill and ink, before society

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The Terror

I’d never heard of Dan Simmons before, until I found one of his books in my local second hand bookshop. It was spine out on the shelf, in the Fantasy/Horror/Science fiction section. How these three distinct genres manage to get

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Christmas Giveaway

Hey, it’s Christmas and I’m suddenly seized by the Christmas Spirit, so I am having a giveaway. If you fancy a copy of my novel, Joe Coffin, a physical paperback copy, signed, then get in touch via the contact form,

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